In the Beginning...

Not unlike my life, this blog is a work in progress. What you are seeing is only the beginning of what I aim to be a highly organised and entertaining account of my reflections on wanderings across Time. I trust that you will enjoy some part or perhaps all of this blog.

Along the right hand side, you will find links to the different periods in my life which I have chosen to share. Each section explores a time and place, along with thoughts and wonderings. I've added a few pictures to clarify the meaning. The same links are listed at the bottom of this page.

Unlike most blogs, mine will be progressing backwards over time. As I slowly sift through the memories and pictures I've accumulated, I'll be adding bits for you to explore. Check back now and again when you're tired of reading depressing news, finding out about lame celebrities, or sick of deleting spam from your inbox.

The square in the right hand column of each section is a link to a (future) gallery of images that I have collected.

If you want to read the pages in another language, just click on the appropriate flag on the square with a blue fish.

If you're interested to see what some of my friends have been up to, feel free to browse their blogs, listed at the bottom righht side.

Please feel free to comment on anything you see here...

Disclaimer: Some of the texts may contain language offensive to some readers. In the interests of free speech, too bad.